Highest Rated Games
This is quite a simple cooking game. You need to cook various sweets, but the only thing you, as a player, are in charge of is finding the required ingredients and dragging them to the mixing bowl.
Dress up Woody and Buzz from Toy story 3 of Pixar. Help them having the best clothes available !
You have to help Pepe cross a busy street and a river full of boats. Avoid collisions with cars. When crossing the river try to jump onto passing boats and cross the river.
Batter Up! Swing for the fences and hit as many home runs as you can. You get 10 pitches per level, hit the required amount of home runs to advance to the next level.
This game is based on TV series with the same name. You select one of the available characters and heed to guide him/her to the exit.
Can you tame the Half Pipe and beat the competition?